INCIDIN Bangladesh is identified as research, advocacy and capacity-building organization. Nevertheless, the self-perception of INCIDIN Bangladesh goes beyond such formal identity. INCIDIN Bangladesh is looking at itself as a part of a broader endeavour for overall development in Bangladesh, a space for interaction of development activists and exploration of ideas and actions towards societal transformation for a pluralistic, democratic Bangladesh. INCIDIN Bangladesh is a value-based non-hierarchically structured highly dynamic learning organization both in program implementation and in the internal process of organizational growth. Strategic thinking, ideological preferences and emphasis on quality outcomes are the ‘logic’ of its organizational growth. It provides space for convergence of potential activists and staff, for self-growth and personal empowerment. It was established in 1996 with an aim to assist the community development process in Bangladesh, whilst never losing sight of the fact that economic issues need to be addressed in order to make the process sustainable and viable. INCIDIN Bangladesh firmly believes that development must not be carried out ignoring the concerned communities, as the prime objective of any development initiative should be to benefit the community sustainability.