INCIDIN has a long experience of working with child laborers and youth victim of trafficking, sexually abused and exploited children (both boys and girls), marginalized farmers, indigenous community and labor unions of both formal and informal sector for more than one decade. More than 40dedicated staff are currently working in different projects and this number is efficiently managed by different departments like programme, finance, M&E and audit, etc. These departments are guided by Financial Guideline, Gender & Equity Policy and Child Protection Policy. INCIDIN Bangladesh has long term experience of working on child and youth rights issues by that, they have gained expertise on the issue. INCIDIN Bangladesh’s one of the major fields of competency is Participatory Research and Knowledge building. In its professional capacity INCIDIN Bangladesh has carried out different studies like child rights-based situation analysis for different projects, youth led organizations in the socio-economic context of Bangladesh, scope, means and values of youth participation, Role of the adults and children in joint initiatives of ensuring effective participation of children.

INCIDIN Bangladesh gives special attention towards children, youth, women, peasants, indigenous people and other vulnerable social groups and assists and empower them through policy level advocacy, awareness programs, training, and other support services. INCIDIN Bangladesh also conducts participatory social research, evaluations and strategic planning (PSP) workshops as a part of its community development programs. In addition, INCIDIN Bangladesh upholds good working relationships with government agencies as well as with national and local NGOs. Moreover, INCIDIN Bangladesh is running similar training programs all over Bangladesh for local level NGOs. Due to the activist background the core value concern is not to be bureaucratic and hierarchical. The emphasis of professionalism in INCIDIN Bangladesh is quite high, meaning strong focus is given to produce quality output. The guiding values of the organizers could be defined as participatory democracy. To achieve policy changes and strategic impact on issues (labor rights, farmer rights, child rights etc.), INCIDIN Bangladesh is creating knowledge through Action Research, gather community experience as good practice, and develop awareness on the constraints and prospects of overall development.

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